The Roots, a guide for the gentle soul

A very warm welcome to Alder Tree Mindfulness. Owner and founder, Roger Hunt set out on a journey a decade ago, to rediscover the joy of living. Feeling discontented, never really fitting in anywhere and several wake up calls later, he stepped out onto a path of discovery that he shares and supports others on today. Self-growth, awareness, acceptance and living a gentle life in a sometimes harsh world have become his hobby, passion and now work. Now based in Derby, he offers workshops, retreats and one-to-one coaching, enabling others to discover their true authentic passion, purpose and meaning in life, creating a life that is impactful, insightful and contented, with a big dose of self-care and compassion.


At the heart of Alder Tree Mindfulness is the beautiful art of mindfulness. 

Presence, stillness, kindness, and compassion. Mindfulness can help us to uncover the jewel of joy that we all have within us.

Roger is a fully trained and insured mindfulness teacher, adhering to the UK's good practice guidelines for Mindfulness teachers.

Life change coaching

Life has a habit of throwing some curveballs.  Our one-to-one coaching sessions can help you to navigate through life with purpose, meaning, and equanimity.  Roger specializes in coaching post-traumatic growth, reframing our life challenges and stages in order to rediscover the joy of living. Roger is a fully qualified life coach and a  member of the European Mentoring and coaching council.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Alder Tree

Alder Tree Mindfulness has a supportive, online members community, open to anyone that attends events, workshops, courses and retreats. On the 26th of May 2020, Roger also launched his weekly episode Podcast, exploring this journey of life and rediscovering the joy of living, available on all major platforms.

Roger hosts a regular introduction to mindfulness retreats and has adapted these to be delivered online during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Just like the Alder tree itself, Alder Tree Mindfulness was built to support, return goodness and support others to thrive and flourish in often challenging times.


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