Coaching and mentoring - Restoring a sense of belonging

  • Full indemnity insurance

  • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, adhering to their strict code of ethics and conduct

  • Fully Qualified Level 5 Performance and NLP coach

  • Mental Health first aider

  • Trained to teach mindfulness with Mindfulness CIC and Mindfulness UK

  • My work is supervised both as a coach and as a mindfulness teacher

  • In person coaching sessions held at our offices at Marble Hall, Derby City.

  • Walk and talk in nature sessions can be arranged at Whistlewood near Melbourne Derbyshire, a 10 acre eco, woodland site.

  • Online sessions held via secure Zoom meeting.


“In these troubled times a place of reflection and tranquility where you can learn to stop and pause. Step off the whirlwind of modern life for a moment, you'll not regret it.” Ian M.

Welcome to my coaching and mentoring page. 

It truly is a passion of mine to support men to live a life that is deeply aligned with their values, strengths, and meaning, to restore again a life filled with joy and clarity.

By choosing me as your coach you get the benefit of my own journey of restoring this sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose in life over the last decade as well as a qualified coach and mindfulness teacher.

The mission

Our mission at Alder Tree is to support men to restore a sense of belonging, to help us heal from our life transitions and traumas, to slow things down a little so that we can enjoy the ride, rather than getting to the end and wondering where that all went.  I have seen it far too many times now, lives lost to autopilot or a false sense of worth based on external validation. As a coach, my mission is also to deliver outstanding and professional coaching with deep empathy, caring, and support for my clients.

Top values

Authenticity and honesty - I was in my late twenties when I finally accepted who I truly was deep down, I hid who I truly was for many years, it took me quite some years to truly heal from those years of living a life that was not truly mine, right up to mid-age.  I was lucky to have met a wonderful mentor at this time who walked alongside me to explore what an authentic life felt like, to learn again to be comfortable in my own skin and this is truly what inspired me to retrain as a coach to support others restore their true authenticity, belonging and worth. 

Kindness and compassion - Each person we meet on this journey of life has come through challenges. Your journey with me will be free of judgment and filled with empathy, kindness, and compassion.

Simplicity and Freedom - Life is complicated enough, I have yet to meet anyone that has come to coaching and said "I would like to make my life more complicated please". The value of simplicity and freedom in life is profound.  It is one I am constantly working at and if you come along on this journey with me, it is something we will keep coming back to, reviewing and adjusting, exploring what a sense of freedom looks like.

My 8 session programme, Behind the Mask, allows us to put that deep work in, to really get to the heart of what it is that makes you tick, and also the time to put things into action.

  • 8 in-person or online coaching and mentoring sessions (we go at a pace that is good for you)

  • 4-month access to Alder Tree membership *

  • Email support in between sessions

  • Uncover your unique strengths and see how they can support you

  • Restore a sense of clarity, contentment, and belonging

  • Explore post-traumatic growth and life transitions - how can our challenges springboard us to renewal, regrowth and a life lived on purpose.

  • Reparenting - Learn how to be your own best authority, standing on this earth with a sense of belonging, confidence, and humility.

  • Discover how to live with a strong back and a soft heart, integrity with kindness and compassion.

  • Learn how mindfulness and meditation can support your journey of life.

*See Becoming a member page for more information about our membership benefits

I want my clients to have time to put these deep changes into practice, to take that time to fully understand, embrace and celebrate who they are and I am passionate about ongoing support, offering lots of ways you can benefit from this.

If this sounds interesting and the timing is right for you to feel more contented in life, living true to your values and strengths, then the next step would be for us to meet together on a zoom call and chat further prior to you making any commitment. 

I offer a complimentary 30 to 40-minute session with me so that we can have the time to get to know each other, to make sure we are a good fit.  These complimentary sessions are not a sales call, I am upfront with my pricing. It is more important that we both feel comfortable before starting the coaching journey together. If at the end of the session you don't want to continue, there is absolutely no pressure and hopefully, you will take something away from the time we have together. 

Behind The Mask

 8 Session deep work programme

8 sessions at your pace. Deep work programme to restore a sense of belonging, authenticity, meaning and purpose in life. Includes 4 months access to Alder Tree Membership.


Exploration and Restoration Session

3 hour, Exploration and restoration session to start you on your journey of discovery or to have a refresh.  In this one-off session, we explore together your unique and signature strengths and how they can support your journey to a life of meaning, purpose, and belonging.


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