Coaching for the introverts, the seekers, the advocates and the empaths

Do you feel like you don't seem to fit in?

Does life feel like a bit of a chore at times?

Are you struggling to understand how to live to your values, share your passion for making this world great again yet remain the deeply private, compassionate and caring person that you are?

Are you wanting to learn what motivates you and inspires you?

Do you have a deep thirst to uncover why you do things in a certain way and what makes you tick?

If you have asked yourself these questions ( and probably a lot more), you may well be at the start of a journey to living your true authentic self. 

Ten years ago, Roger set out on a journey to answer these questions for himself.  Today, after a few twists and turns, he has embraced the fact that he is an INFJ advocate, introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging personality type, which is a rare personality type and one that throws up its own challenges.  In 2018, Roger qualified as a life coach in order to support others on this journey.

It is worth noting that, within any personality type, there is a huge range of differences and at times we may fall into other personality types.  Roger has made it his mission to support you uncover your true authentic self and together creating a roadmap towards a more joyful, meaningful and contented life. 

This is no quick fix, there are no shortcuts, at times we need to be willing to face challenges and fears, to ask those questions we have been putting off, but on the other side of that, is something quiet beautiful, a life lived as you were meant to be, truly you.

To book an initial free 20 minute consultation and introduction with Roger, click the button below or contact him on 01332 742 624.

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