• Full indemnity insurance

  • Proud member of the Association for Coaching, adhering to their strict code of ethics and conduct

  • Fully Qualified Level 5 Performance and NLP coach

  • Mental Health first aider

  • My work is supervised both as a coach and as a mindfulness teacher


  • The majority of our coaching sessions are held outside in nature locations within Derbyshire, nature being the co-coach as we walk, talk and pause. However, sessions can also take place at our office space in Derby city.  This can be discussed and arranged on the introduction call.

  • Online sessions are also available, held via secure Zoom meeting.

Top Values​
  • Authenticity and honesty - Goes without saying really​

  • Kindness and compassion - Every person we meet has come through challenges. You can be assured of unconditional positive regard, understanding, warmth, and kindness.

  • Simplicity and freedom - Because life is complicated enough


“In these troubled times a place of reflection and tranquility where you can learn to stop and pause. Step off the whirlwind of modern life for a moment, you'll not regret it.” 

Ian M

  • Flexible payment options and session length/durations

  • £60 per 90 minutes 1-1 coaching. 

  • Alder Tree membership included for 5 + hours coaching booked.

  • 5-week mindfulness course included with 8+ hours booked.

Authentic living Life coaching for highly sensitive people

What it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP)

Current figures suggest that highly sensitive people make up 15-20% of the population, both men and women in equal numbers. Contrary to what some may believe, being an HSP is not a disorder but a biological difference we are born with. Being an HSP comes with it a host of strengths and advantages, however, cultural and societal beliefs and expectations of both genders can see us HSP's struggling to come to terms with our authentic self and our place in the world.


I was in my late twenties and early thirties when I started to come to terms with being an HSP. The last decade of exploring and embracing this has been a true joy and has led me to support and coach other HSP's on this journey of acceptance and understanding of this unique, authentic, and innate part of ourselves.


  • HSP's are more affected by outside stimuli. Instead of the stimulus being in the background, it is right up there in front. We may struggle at times with bright lights, noise and extremely busy places.

  • We process information quickly (part of our superpower)

  • We are sponges to other people's moods. People may describe you as understanding, you might be the go-to person for them. This can be a blessing and a curse and requires some careful boundary placing.

  • We don't like last-minute changes. Usually, this trait appears in our workplace. I always remember working with someone who loved to change things at the last minute and it would throw me into a spin. It wasn't until I spoke to other HSP's about this that the pattern started to appear, we don't like that last-minute change.

  • We need alone time. HSP's can be introverts, extroverts, and anything in between, the fact that we need alone time can often see us as being labeled as introverts, which then throws people when we are seen as the life of the party at times! HSP's need a lot of recharge time, time to quieten the stimuli, time to just be, time to switch off.

  • Routine, Sleep, diet, exercise. HSP's are more likely to get "Hangry", if we are tired and hungry it can easily disrupt our mood and everything can look bleak. Whilst this may be true for all of us, HSP's are more wired into their internal emotions and this can seem at times overwhelming. A regular 8 hours of sleep, regular meals, and regular exercise are all crucial for HSP's.


A superpower

"I want you to know that if you are an HSP, you CAN thrive and flourish, this world needs more of you being you!"


  • We see a deeper side to life, shades and colours of life, we can use them to enrich our lives rather than detract from it and in turn help others to see this deeper nature of why we are here.


  • We are amazing, gentle and compassionate leaders. Yes, we may be in the minority but don't let that put you off. I remember reading Max De Pree's quote ...


“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you.”


Whilst we may steer away from cutthroat business, we are needed as the kind and compassionate leaders we are.


  • When we accept our true nature, those ripples flow outwards, allowing others to be just as they are too. It is no selfish act to work on our own self-growth and discovery.

So if society and belief have told you that being sensitive is a weakness, I am here to tell you otherwise, we need you to be you, you are amazing and unique.


HSP Coaching

Our unique take on the world can often make us feel overwhelmed and at times as if we want the world to stop for a while, whilst we gather our senses.


HSP's need to develop and patrol boundaries and to look closely at what they need in order to thrive. Taking the time to align all of this with your unique values and strengths can create some amazing transformation and help you to fall back in love with life.


I know what it is like to live as an HSP and am passionate about supporting other HSP's to thrive and flourish in this world, gaining a sense of belonging and embracing their true nature.


Not all HSP's are the same, we are all different so my coaching is person-centered, we work on what you want to work on, through your eyes and perspective, I walk alongside you as coach and fellow HSP to discover your unique journey through life.


My sessions are designed with HSP's traits in mind, often the journey starts with awareness and acceptance, so we start by learning the basics of mindfulness and meditation, which can support us when we feel overwhelmed. We work through boundaries (setting them and patrolling them) and aligning values, strengths, meaning and purpose as well as anything else you wish to work through during your coaching session. 


Sessions include space (being in nature), lots of pauses, and time. I don't put any time limits on, we agree on a set number of hours and they can be used as and when you need the support. We can look at boundary setting, values and meaning, setting routines, and work on any beliefs that may be holding you back. In essence, we work together to uncover your true authentic self.


There could perhaps be no better time than now to embrace this part of yourself, to work with it, not against it. Your sensitivity is your greatest strength.


If you would like to learn more about HSP coaching and arrange a free introduction call to talk it through further, please contact me on or book using our calendar by clicking the button below.

Additional benefits

  • Introduction to Mindfulness - See how the beautiful art of mindfulness can support authentic living - 5-week introduction to mindfulness course included when over 8 + hours coaching booked

  • Alder Tree Membership - Access to Alder tree membership for the duration of your coaching journey, meditation library, monthly retreats, included when 5 + hours coaching booked.

*See Becoming a member page for more information about our membership benefits

I want my clients to have time to put these deep changes into practice, to take that time to fully understand, embrace and celebrate who they are and I am passionate about ongoing support, offering lots of ways you can benefit from this.


Introduction call

If the time feels right for you and you would like to learn more about life coaching with me, the first step is to book an informal call with us to chat further. It is important that you get a good overview and understand what coaching is before embarking on a coaching journey so this is your time to ask any questions and a little space where we can get to know each other a little to ensure we are a good fit before embarking on the coaching journey.

As a way of explanation as to what this call is about, below are some of the things we could discuss...

  • What’s happening for you now?

  • What would you like to change or move towards?

  • How might I work with you to make that happen?

  • What is life coaching and what it isn't?

4 month programme

I offer a completely flexible approach to how we can work together.  I believe the usual model of 1, 2 or 3 two-hour sessions and set packages, don't always offer the flexibility and time to generate new perspectives, to go away and actually try things out and test them in the real world so to speak, and then to come back and reflect, adjusting if required.  

At the beginning of our coaching journey together we discuss and agree on a number of hours - usually between 5 and 10 hours but ultimately that choice is yours.  Payment is made in advance and we work together on a retainer basis for the number of hours we have agreed on.  The time can be used up as you wish and can include a mixture of in-nature coaching and online coaching via zoom.


This gives you the flexibility to spread those hours as you wish, in whatever chunks you choose, allowing you to get the support exactly when you need it.  I put no time limits on when those hours can be used, leaning into the wisdom of nature, everything happens in it's own time..

Flexible coaching model, drawing from the wisdom of nature