The Beautiful art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, in the present moment, non-judgementally and for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion.

With its roots in the Buddhist tradition, mindfulness truly is a way of coming to terms with the fact that yes there is suffering in this life but there is also a way to alleviate that suffering.  

Mindfulness is very different to any other human activity we may do. So often we are lost in our thinking mind, striving and doing. Mindfulness is a way of being.

At the heart of our work here at Alder Tree Mindfulness is the original work created and delivered by Jon Kabat Zinn back in 1979, when he created the Mindfulness based stress reduction programme.  Over 40 years of study and evidence base has been created over that time, amazing research into the neuroscience of mindfulness and the effects it can have on our lives.  Of course, lots of things have changed since 1979, society has changed but the robustness and efficacy of this work remains intact, but we can go back further, over 2500 years in fact to the foundations the beautiful art of mindfulness, just as relevant to our modern world today as it was back then.


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